I began my channel with a focus on makeup and beauty. Then as I evolved so did my channel. Today my focus is not on one specific area of life but on expression in general. I share a lot of my experiences and reflections, usually with and underlying message of self love and self awareness. “Ma Living” stands for “Make A Living Of Living”. I was at a healing event not long ago and read that “Ma” meant “Unity”, which perfectly relates back to my first name “LiBnW” (Life in Black n White – read more about origin of this name on about page)! 

Celebrate your individuality by sharing your perspective with the world. Because it is as unique and priceless as anything could ever get. A world with more compassion and understanding relies on our ability to share our truth. This is a category dedicated to honest reflecting, relating, communicating and connecting.  #ExpressYourself

My self hosted and initiated studies began with a focus in psychology, further into perception, then into energy and self awareness beyond the physical. Connecting with this I also study systems of beliefs and values. And how it relates with stories of our origins (often referred to as history). There are many subjects I will share more about as I develop my knowledge. The most beautiful part of Self Education is following my passion and curiosity. Experiencing how deeply every aspect of our life is connected one way or another.

Sex is the closest to individual beings can physically get to each other, it is beautiful. It is powerful and can potentially create and invite new life into this world. For some reason previous societies have associated a lot of shame and guilt with sex. I am passionate about honest and free expression, especially with topics that are connecting us as beings and as a community. 

These are some of the many playlists and areas of discussion that I share on my channel, see more on Ma Living.

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