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Raw Beauty

By Hans Erik Unneland

I feel like I’ve had many different lives within my 22 years on Earth. My sense of home has become myself, experiencing life through this body. Growing up we moved a lot and with parents from different continents it feels natural to see Earth, in its entirety, as my home as well. I’ve always felt different, but in honesty I think all of us do. I see us as different expressions of the same, God experiencing life as human beings. When I see a river or a rain drop I see God experiencing life as that water as with all other living forms
/ expressions of life.

The biggest thing I’ve done for myself was to shave off my hair. 
I didn’t think much about what other people would think or say when I did it. It was for me and to prove for myself that I could feel beautiful no matter what my physical body looked like. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I am learning how to appreciate my insecurities as steps on a ladder, bringing me closer to freedom. With time and dedication I’m getting to know myself in a deeper way by physically, mentally and emotionally stripping away who and how I’m supposed to be, and just being. Like a child playing with no regret of the past and no anxiety for the future I choose to live in the “now”.

"Fuck the rules in your favourite position & make a living off living"

Behind The Life in Black and White

“LiBnW” is the result of my desire to have a platform where I can express freely and practice my creativity and its expansion.
Life is so beautiful in its authenticity and I believe the purpose of it, is to live it.

There was no specific moment I decided to create a youtube channel and website.
At around 9 years old my best friend and I had plans about creating a magazine but it remained an idea.
She later encouraged me to start a blog because I was open to share and talk about things I had experienced in life.
I played with the idea but never had the courage to start because I was so concerned with peoples perception of me.

I was a single child, living with a single mother who at some point had three jobs at the same time.
We also moved around a lot so you can imagine how much time I spent on my own.
Naturally I began appreciating my own company and found ways to entertain myself.
Still, doing something different and creating my own path resonates with me beyond the physical.

Creative Fashion Expression


Forever evolving.

Expression thru’ my Blog posts, Spoken word, Photography, Film, Music, Hair, Fashion and anything that excites my soul.
Creative Influencer & Entrepreneur,
they call me a model at times,
I like to call myself,
Life Enthusiast,
because my first and favourite occupation is Life!

Who & Where?

My mother is from West-Africa and my father is from Scandinavia.
Because my parents were separated when I was 3 years old the contrast of their culture and traditions were emphasised.
My father moved to Kristiansand (4 hour drive away) and we stayed in Oslo, the capital of Norway. From I was around 5 years old I would travel on my own between Oslo (East Norway) and Kristiansand (south Norway) by train, bus or flight. But my favourite way of travelling was by car with my dad because we would jam to good music, usually reggae, and eat good food.. Have a party on the road basically.


Growing up in these circumstances has made me very aware of people, our differences and similarities. How we think and how our culture or perception affects our emotions, thoughts and actions.

In Norway I didn’t look or feel the same as anyone I knew and it was the same in Ghana. My mother and I used to travel to Ghana every 2 years and the contrast of how the children in Ghana always were happier with less stood out to me.

Creative Fashion Expression

I have spent a lot of time working on appreciating my favourite parts and understanding the parts I disagree with on both sides. My biggest passion has always been equality. Funny that I’m building my brand today on the basis of contrast and all that it has taught me.

Creative Fashion Expression


Contrast creates creation.
I believe there is a balance, a harmony in life between dark and light. This contrast is what enables you to read these symbols that you’ve learned to interpret as words of expression (written language). ¨LiBnW¨ is my way of appreciating and utilising all the good and bad within me to create something true to myself in this life time.

I’ve started with this website as a place to express and communicate my jam, a place for myself to look back at my journey when I’m as old and grey as my soul, and this is your invitation to stay jammin’ with me.

By Mantas Girskas

~ Life ~ Truth ~ Love ~ Harmony ~

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