We Are The Music

If we are all frequencies of vibration, energy, then we are all music.
The harmony of the ups and downs that create vibrations.
It is the contrast that creates creation.
The friction that causes movement ☯️

I’ve always loved music, singing and dancing.
The other day as I was working on some music
I felt like every time I tried to make something work it didn’t. 
As soon as I stopped trying and just did it,
with no demand/limitation of what I should do it came out better than ever.

I meditated more on this and found my way to the message I share in todays video.
As we learn to quite our judgements of who and how we are supposed to be.
We allow ourselves to simply be,
this is when we are truly free
Deep within our core being
is an expression of the song that creates us
The stronger you can hear it, the easier it will be for you to share it!


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