The Quality Of Life

I’ve been very focused on our perception of life and how it influences our experience of it. Feel free to check out my youtube videos on Ma Living, for a wide variety of reflections regarding self love, awareness and life beyond the physical experience. The beauty of the time we live in today is that we can use any platform to create our own version of a CV or even school papers.
I’ve been venturing on a journey within what I call Self Education, which basically means that I am taking the responsibility of my own education. It is definitely a new concept from peoples reactions of it, but I don’t feel like we are that far away from it becoming common. Shampoo was not common until the 1930’s and look at how important it is today. The development of electronic computers began around the 1950’s and today almost everybody has at least one telephone. 
There are a lot of people who recognise the need for change, environmentally, socially and personally. Yet not a lot of people consider becoming part of the change by actively observing themselves and adjusting. Everything evolves in constant flow. Consider the flow of energy through our bodies and the world, transforming and keeping us all alive.
Our personal quality of life and global wellbeing will only change when we choose to be the change. We can consciously become aware of the changes we can affect to improve the life quality of ourselves. By focusing on ourselves and influencing change from within, we become “better” for the world and each other.

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