Stories Of Origins

It is my mother I give praise
On my quest of origins

As the ground bears memories of roots from fallen trees
She nurtures all needs and holds room for new seeds

So on my quest
I keep mother in my heart
She knew from the start the value of the dark
The patience and the openness
Source & Inspiration of
Existence himself 

The Significance of knowing where you are sourced

Moving through life with no vision of a source can feel very scary. 
This is why an experience of a God is so valuable to most people. 
Even people who do not believe in God recognise the value of origin. 

We have been taught that time moves linearly. However I believe time moves in cycles. 
This also explains why people feel safer when they know where they come from. 
By knowing where you’ve been you have an assurance of where you are going.
Like religious people believe they came from God and one day will return. 


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  1. That is part of what the study of our ancient myths can tell us about this globalizing system we live under.

    Our myths can tell us something about disorganization and organization, about inertia and initiative, about powerlessness and power. About chaos and organization, the myths of ancient Egypt tell us first of all not to despair, not to be afraid, but to take courage from the past in the face of chaos. The myth of Nwn says all beginnings are chaotic, from the birth of the universe to the emergence of the last baby from its placenta. It says the chaos of beginnings is not something from which the creative spirit should turn away.

    Go lovingly into that chaos, says the myth, and you will discover that nothing is ever simply chaotic; that inside what looks like chaos alone, there are broken bits and pieces of genius and creativity ignorant of each other, each trapped in its isolation. As long as the various pieces of creative genius remain apart, isolated, chaos has the right to reign supreme over them, rubbing their souls in dross [worthless stuff]. What they need to do to change chaos through organization is work, and the work of creation begins with communication. Ra calls out asking if there are other spirits out there somewhere in Nwn, ready to emerge. Who is this Ra calling out but you, the creative spirit thinking you are alone? The caller who calls out once, ten times, and hearing nothing, stops calling, dies as a creative soul. The creative soul calls and keeps calling until another answers. In the myth, one answering one made two; two produced four, then eight, and on to the present. Read the book of the coming forth by day. It is there.

    1. Thank you for sharing, this is so beautiful! One Love

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