Home Of The Nomad

Stillness exists beyond space and time. It is Home of the Divine.
As Love, Stillness is Infinite, Patient, Open and Aware.
On my Quest it is Stillness I Seek as I learn not to Fear. 

As Awareness moves and folds into Expression and Experience,
a Harmony can be traced leading us all back Home.
At its Core, Life is Movement. Manifested as Frequencies of Vibration
Perceived as Sound and Light, connecting all Life to our journey Home. 

It is in the Up and Down, the Give and Take, that True Harmony is found. 
The Inhale and the Exhale, the tides of the Ocean, always in motion. 

You see we were all Born as Nomads
With every Breath we take, every Beat our Heart Make.
We Move Closer to and Further from. 
Some go astray, Believe they lost their way. 
Others Know they never went away.
All Within the same Day. 


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