Mindfulness In A Jar

My latest joy is exploring new curiosities with energy, crystals and plants.
I’m happy to stay in Bergen for a while and embrace my love for the beauty of Norwegian nature.
Summer has revealed a lot of hidden gems from both our garden and from walking around in nature. 
I’m recreating my bedroom space by bringing in some of the plants and crystals from outside inside.
I’ve also played with homemade scented oils to spice up the aroma and the whole vibe of my space. 

Moon Manifestation Oil Ingredients

I left the oil outside for approx. 3 days

Himalayan Sea Salt

Base Oils

Essential Oils

Dried Plants


Coconut & Grapeseed

Myrrh & Frankincense

Lavender & Rosemary
Lilac Flower (not name)

Amethyst, Lepidolite, 
Moonstone & Clear Quartz


Focus on Self Love & Awareness. 
Mental Clarity and Opening of First Eye, also known as third eye.
Embodying all aspects of Self in my truth as an expression and an experience of life in love & harmony.

As the moon will be full within the sign of Aquarius and the sun is moving from Cancer and into Leo.
It is a beautiful occasion to use the capacity of the mind to observe the depths of our emotions, the true nature of them and express them, as they are. Are there any emotions you’ve been suppressing, causing you depression? This is something that might come up in Cancer season and offers you an opportunity to become aware of it. Then allow the emotions to flow through so you can regain harmony within your body.  Cancer is a sign of the Water Element and represents our emotional nature and can be felt as an internal and deep energy. Leo is the second sign of the Fire Element and represents our ability to shine like the sun unapologetically!

I feel aligned with observing myself. All the parts that I am proud to shine a light on and those parts I would feel comfortable with keeping in the dark. It is not always easy to be neutral in analysing and reflecting on our own behaviour, thoughts and emotions. As a little helping hand and to really set this intention into this physical world I created the oil. It is my first oil of this nature and I am excited to keep diving into the knowledge and awareness of energy. I’m getting more sensitive to the energies of crystals which you can probably tell from the video down below. Pay attention to how I express myself whilst holding the moonstone crystal. 


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