Embracing The Darkness

There is no light without darkness and there is no darkness without light.

This is a beautiful time to embrace your love, fear, joy, anger etc. observe all aspect of yourself from a neutral perspective!
Your actions, thoughts, and feelings. How are you treating yourself? Give yourself some love and attention!
As you observe yourself with clarity you will gain knowledge to move as an aware being with the authority and power of your “higher Self” as your integrated Self 🦋 To be as you are in your truth with no self limitations!
Embrace the challenges and opportunities to grow 🌱

Lies, deception, doubts and fears are kept away from the light so we tell ourselves that they are not there. 
But like the revolutionary time we live in we can see first hand how truth always comes to light.
Sooner or later we have to face all aspects of ourselves. Those we disagree with and those we agree with. 
Our belief systems are challenged and our sense of self is tested.

How dependant are you of someone else’s opinion of you, to feel good about yourself?
Does an inability to communicate with someone make them less or more intellectual than you? 
Does their life depend on your approval of their choices? 
How many choices do you make on your own and for yourself?
Do you feel worthy just as you are?

One Love 


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