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It is easy for me to call myself a nomad and even claim that it is a lifestyle that is natural to all beings. Both my parents have moved and travelled all their lives, and even their parents before them. My mom moved around within Ghana as a child and after she came to Norway and had me the adventures continued. My father had the same experience within Norway and is living in a sailboat today. Both my Grandmother’s also moved around as they grew up and my Grandmother (85+) in Ghana is still keeping it moving. 

I think we all have a sense of adventure and the ability to move around as we wish. The only thing holding us back is ourselves. As I’ve written on my about page I see Earth as my home and my body as the vessel that allows for a human experience. We claim to be the smartest beings on this planet yet we are the only creatures that successfully limit ourselves by creating borders and rules and obeying them as if they were natural laws. If you hold your breath until your lungs collapse you are very likely to die.. this is a natural law. That we need papers to cross from one country/concept to another is man-made and simply not necessary.

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I hear you. We need the borders, rules and regulations because there are some angry and dangerous people out there. How did they become so angry and dangerous? In most cases children who feel insecure and a lack of love turn to “the other side”. It becomes the people who feel alone in a world that seeks to use and abuse you, and expects you to shut up about it and ¨do as you’re told¨. If we spent more time loving ourselves first we would have more love to share with each other. Slow down and get to know yourself again. What makes you sad and mad, what types of emotions (energy in motion) have you been suppressing? The goal is not to become angels walking on Earth but to be as real as possible. There has to be a balance because you cannot have life without the ups and downs, this is what keeps everything moving and alive. This is what creates the experience of life and I will discuss this in a post and youtube video, coming very soon. 



My goal and intention with this Nomad category, is to inspire the adventurer in you. To share how beautiful this planet is and how much you’ll learn when your truly walk it. To trust and appreciate all the resources we always have available and where we can go if we start walking together. I was in Asia not long ago for the first time and ended up spending about 1 month and 2 weeks on my own. I didn’t take any injections or medicines and never got sick. I didn’t know the language, but with Airbnb I was able to move around and meet new people all over Bali Island in Indonesia. Exploring and even those who I could not understand managed to help me the times I got lost on my way. Had I known that I was going to end up travelling alone I probably wouldn’t have gone. I would’ve robbed myself of the best experience of my life so far. Take a chance, trust yourself and experience the true riches of life!

One Love

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