Natural Beauty

I Love this Experience ~ we call Life
I Love the skin I Feel my Soul within’
From Earth I’ve Come 
To Earth I Become

as within so without

Beauty and happiness starts from within as we all know by now. The physical body is affected by the mental body (how you think about yourself) and the emotional body (how you feel about yourself). Naturally our physical appearance is also determined by what we choose to eat and hydrate ourselves with. This is what fuels and turns into the building blocks for our cells, who constantly work to keep us living and breathing in this physical body. Have you noticed that on the days you feel good and look in the mirror you usually like what you see. Whilst the days you feel bad or sad you’re not as happy with what you see in the mirror. I think we to some degree have the ability to affect our physical expression through internal work. 

Conscious Livin'

I am very passionate about choosing the products we use on both the outside and inside of our bodies with consideration.
Not only for ourselves but also for our beautiful planet (which is still for us). There are small changes we can make as individuals that actually make a difference for the collective long term. For example taking extra time to research who owns the company and what are their values? How are they contributing to Earth and her inhabitants? Do they use products that are harmful to our skin and our oceans? I’m done shopping at H&M to give a specific example..


Video and example of how I like to play with our natural resources. Imagine how beautiful to walk outside and get all the food and medicine you need for free! As it should be!

This treatment aided my body in healing the wound and stay clean from infections. I do have a scar today but I think with consistent attention, affection and time it will heal as well.

Practicing detailed awareness is also very beneficial for our personal knowledge of Self.
Innerstanding how we behave and why we are experiencing certain things in our lives make it possible to affect change. How are your emotions (energy in motion) flowing through your body when you are with a person or in a certain situation. And how is your mind responding to and with that emotion. With patience and practice your self awareness will rise in cohesion with your self appreciation and love. You could compare it to identifying symptoms and receiving a diagnosis from a doctor or therapist. Once you gain clarity of where and what the symptom/”problem”/challenge is, you will be able to resolve it. 


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