Why I’m Not Getting Married

You know how a mother’s love is unconditional? It is pure, it knows no limits and has no boundaries.
I remember as a kid, with parents who didn’t live together, my mother was together with a man for some years and they were considering having children. She always valued my opinion and asked me what I thought. I was scared and asked if she would still love me the same? ¨Of course¨ she said. ¨A mothers love is like God’s love, there is room for everyone¨.

This love she carries is the core of creation.

A mother, a woman, a carrier the space and portal for new life.

I believe the love of a mother is the strongest illustration

of the love we are all capable and worthy of.

A love we are all made of.

Open Relationship

I find it funny that people associate an open relationship with sleeping around. Even the name ¨Open Relationship¨ fascinates me. It is as if a “traditional relationship” is locked, imprisoned, and what sets you free is the ability to sleep with someone outside of your relationship. I personally had my experience with sleeping around which I even made a youtube video discussing on my youtube channel.

When I think of an open relationship I see mutual love, appreciation, respect and honesty. For me it is an innerstanding of individuality and a respect for each others separate life experiences.  Not to say that a ¨traditional relationship¨ can’t include this. But I think an open relationship practices this more focused and with clear intentions.

Grandmother Holding It Down


Parents in general are not supposed to have more love for one child than another. From my experience love is unconditional, compassionate and patient. The first teachers and expressions of love we experience is usually from our parents. Does it not then make sense that this is the ultimate way of loving each other? At the same time I do not believe we should make sense out of something (Love) that essentially exists beyond the mind. When I say I do not want to get married it is because it is a tradition that doesn’t resonate with me.

Does anyone remember signing a contract before entering Earth? Life is so beautifully random and complex, why would you want to limit yourself by using logic/reason regarding a matter of emotions and our heart?
I want to let things evolve naturally as we do, and if I meet someone I want to be with it is as simple as taking it day by day. Without fear, because if you share mutual love, appreciation, respect etc. you will remain with each other through the ups and downs because you continue to be good for each other.

God is watching

I understand the desire to bind a connection of deep love through and with the presence of God, almost like an extra seal for the deal. At the same time, God is us and we are God. Which is a perception I explain further in my post “The Labyrint”.

At the end of the day everyone is free to do whatever they want to do. I think it would be pointless to have this many human beings if we were all the same. So practice your individuality unapologetically, wholeheartedly and all that is meant for you will be yours sooner or later.


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