The Labyrint

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a huge labyrinth. Here you are thinking about how difficult it is going to be, maybe even impossible, or at least take a long ahh time to get yourself out of there. Then imagine you are able to fly, and go above it, you see how easy the way out of the labyrinth actually is once you get the opportunity to see it from a higher perspective.

Now see the labyrinth as your life’s journey with all its turns, curves and surprises. I love this analogy because it explains life and connecting to Self and God/Source at the same time, in a very simple way. At least the way I see it which I’ll do my best at sharing with you now.

The Energy

Whether you believe in God (Religious) or not, I think we can all agree that we are part of whatever/whoever created us as much as we are a part of our parents and ancestors. When you break it down we are all made of energy, from atoms then cells working together to create a living breathing human being. So let us say God is the source of energy that guides the blood that flows through our veins, just as much as the energy moving rivers into waves of oceans. This is how I see God, like a fuse between religion and science, within everything including within us.

Mindful Presence

Meditation is all about being present within your body, mind, emotions and soul. Essentially connecting with God from within / the God within. This is because you focus your awareness on the energy flowing within you, around you, keeping you alive within your skin and your body grounded to the Earth.

This is how I relate to what is often called communicating with your Higher Self. In this state you are above the labyrinth. Above the limitations of physical life like time and space. You are aware of who you are. You become aware of where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there (with relation to your physical experience as a human). 

Photography By Hans Erik Unneland

Taking some time to observe and plan where you want to go heightens your opportunity to experience what you wish to experience. Remember to stay open as life has more to offer us than we even allow ourselves to imagine. And there would be no up without down, how you choose to face whatever comes your way in turn affects what you receive. Life is the labyrint and it is there to be walked and experienced by you. You can choose to affect your path by taking a moment to disconnect from it and observe it from above. Then reconnect with it as you return to the ground and continue your journey.


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