Make A Living Off Living

We are two girls who believe in a future that includes every one and all their dreams and aspirations.
“The world as we know it today has been playing a game of monopoly about 7000 years and people are realizing the free choice they have to either keep playing against their odds, or leave the game behind and start living.”
All over the world today people are starting their own businesses through entrepreneurship, essentially proving an effort to create a living off living.

We are starting our adventure and movement in Bali where we will explore all opportunities that speak to us as this is a way of life we see most happiness in. Through social media interaction we will be communicating our work and sharing everything we learn along the journey.

Fuck the rules in your favourite position and make a living off living

We are exploring and essentially proving a new way of living that eventually will be the way of life in the future. The term ¨woke¨ has been spreading globally and people are spending more time discussing their deepest thoughts and questions with each other. We see a future where we share what we love with each other. Educational systems based on free choice and evolving of interests and passions.

Endless Possibilities

We see so many possibilities in this life, more than the current society has been offering. Therefore, we have chosen a different route than the conventional to explore a reality we see so clearly. The simplicity of life is what makes it complex, which is what makes our universe so beautiful. Visually when you break it down from universe to galaxy, planet, earth, forest, tree, seed, you understand how the simplicity of each component creates a universe of possibilities. This is how we see humans, when we are free to practice all our individual talents and passions we will be able to create from infinite possibilities collectively.


My main social media platform is Youtube where I share everything from Vlogs to my deepest thoughts.

Channel name. Stay Jammin’

You can also follow us on instagram @emilieade, @adobea.cj & @libnw


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