I Want to Break Free

Freedom is navigating the entire world and recognising it all as home.
Have you ever noticed how free you feel in a new country? When you don’t know anyone and your comfort zone suddenly expands because you know people are less likely to see you again. Imagine how the world and people would be different if we had no borders separating country from country, city from city. Imagine a freedom to move from one side of the world to another without all that freakin’ paperwork and expenses. Imagine how free we all would feel on the daily, moving around freely. If the thought of living in a world with No Countries triggered something in you I recommend checking out this video by Taiye Selasi.


One Love means we are all one people, we breathe the same, we love the same. I have so much love for people off all kinds. At the same time I love spending time on my own, and when I say love, I mean I really love being on my own. So much that it almost ruined my social life/knowledge but I’ll get more into that in a future post.

Separation from a familiar environment and people has been very helpful for me and my growth. You learn a lot about yourself, especially when you experience some challenges which I have had my fair share of on my way to Bali. Separation often gives you the space and time to observe from a ¨higher¨/different perspective like I explain in my post “The Labyrint”. You often appreciate something you took for granted once you’ve allowed some space between yourself and your situation, environment or a person.


Freedom comes in many forms in my opinion. The truest form is when it comes from within. When you trust in and love yourself unconditionally. When your confidence depends on yourself because you value your own opinion first. At this point where you are or who you are surrounded by is irrelevant to how free and happy you feel.

Grandma' in Ghana

Self Loving

This mights sound a little selfish to some but I’ll use an analogy to explain why self care is the most important. When you are in an airplane and they are showing the safety procedures incase of an emergency. They always tell us to put the oxygen mask that drops down over our heads on ourselves first, then on others including children. It is not because you do not care about your next or your child, it is because you are more helpful to others when you are secured and awake yourself.

Space & Time

At the end of the day you do not have to travel half way around the world to focus on self lovin’. The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to it and not feel guilty about it.  I love spending time in nature because it reminds me of where we come from and it is very humbling. It proves that nothing really dies, it transforms, because a fallen tree over time might turn into a field of dozen roses or even 4 new trees depending on how the wind blows. And the beautiful oceans remind me of how small I am, and how much smaller my ¨problems¨ were. They are a visual reminder of everything I find magical and how big this thing called life that we are a part of really is. There is a quote that says.


You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.
– Rumi


You are a physical expression of God who wanted to break free and test out how it would be to be you.
So live your truth and be you all the way because NOW is when you have the chance.


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