Disconnect to Reconnect

What do you do when there is a problem with the wifi or your phone starts acting up?
Restart it; turn it off, wait a little, then turn it on again. It is the same restart we give ourselves when we travel, move to a new house or even whilst in a state of depression. There are many different ways and reasons we connect but the deepest and truest reason I can think of is because we are all part of a whole. Because we are all part of this eternal dance (Life) and the natural flow of life is to give and receive, disconnect and reconnect.

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Shut it down

When we feel drained, stressed or anxious we tend to
shut down or the body naturally goes into something we have called depression. Depression is when you lock yourself in and nothing feels worth doing, in short. How we experience emotions (energy in motion) fluctuate and vary from person to person / being to being. 

I’ve experienced this a couple of times but the last time I reaped the potential benefits of depression, because I was aware of them. When you pay attention to how you feel, you get a deeper understanding of why you feel how you feel and eventually you learn to love and appreciate all your emotions because they all serve their purpose.

Depression - Deep resting

Depression gives us a chance to deviate from the routines of daily life and even give our mind a different perspective than we had before. It is our bodies way of forcing us to take a break and step away from what initially caused our depression. I feel like depression is when our emotional state affects our mental state and in turn our physical state. I also believe that disease, is a more physical and concentrated expression of emotional and mental discomfort or imbalance. With self awareness, patience and practice I am positive that we can learn to heal ourselves and even see the beauty of these uncomfortable and sometimes painful states of being. 


Vacation is an obvious way of stepping back, healing and returning stronger and energised. With a vacation people on the outside get to see you step away and usually expect to see a certain change or at least a boost of energy. I chose to focus more on depression as my first example of “Disconnecting to Reconnect” because it has more to do with internal conversations and feelings. It is difficult to prove how depressed you are and how much work you’ve done within but internal work is the most important. 

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