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Biologically the joining of the male and the female is what creates new life. From the perspective of our mind it makes sense for us to be paired up as man and woman within a household. If you’ve read my last post you know that I do not think we should make sense out of matters concerning love and emotions. Still this is a concept I have given a lot of thought. Because I think how we feel when we are at home is very relevant to our general mood as a collective society. I was convinced for a while that no one was meant to be with just one person during a lifetime. As a child with parents coming from “split or divorced” parents and my own parents living separately I know that it is very possible to live in harmony with blended families with conscious practice, communication and love. 

One Love

One Love, in my opinion, means unity in diversity. Recognising that we are all from and of the same source, just with different ¨colors¨/expressions. In Ghana I feel like everyone is your family. When you are a child your neighbours are your uncles and aunties and their children are your cousins. I believe this stems from the time we lived in villages and unity was at the core of each community. Working together for food and water, building houses, boats and other things together creates a genuine appreciation and respect for one another. Because we see the work each and one of us does and the importance of it no matter how “big or small”. Children getting to know each other naturally and independently, people of all ages accessible for communication and connection. Everyone harmonising around a bonfire with music and song, learning to truly appreciate each other’s presence.

It takes a village to raise a child

I think we’ve lost a lot of our sense of unity from the way our western society is built.
Yet the saying stays relevant so who is your village? The TV, the iPad or maybe you’ve handed the responsibility over to their English teacher who drinks whiskey everyday from 6 o’clock? This is not something I’m pointing out to create a sense of guilt in people but to ignite a place of honesty with Self. The way we live in the Western world today barely gives people enough time to process their own thoughts. Let alone provide their children with all the attention, communication and love they ask for and are able to give you because they have yet to be oppressed by what we call our way of living. I believe it is healthier for us to live in communities, if not like villages, then inspired by them.


When we realise that money has been the “man in the middle” all along and not a valued resource we need to sustain life. We can evolve into a society where we work directly for our resources of real value and with passion.  When given the space and time we naturally care for our own well being and as a balanced and fulfilled human being, your happiness will be within the lines of what we regard as appropriate. Knowing who is creating the clothes you wear, the process of how they did it and so forth will lead into much greater appreciation and love for one another. I believe this is an achievable way of living and I also believe we already are on our way there. With social media we already have and use a platform to express our journeys. What we are passionate about, where we travel, what we wear and where/what we eat and how we are choosing to live. I see this as our way of modernising the concept of living together in tribes or villages, acknowledging and appreciating our diversity. 


Do you think a world full of people practicing self-love and consciousness would have relationships that lasted longer or even “forever”? I used to be very sure that we were meant to experience relationships with different people because that is what we do naturally with friendships. Although I recognise sex plays a big role in distinguishing these two.

If you are in love with two people at the same time, it can’t be wrong because it is true to how you feel. Also you can flirt with someone without having a desire to sleep with them. I think the balance between right and wrong is a dance that definitely can last forever and so I will end this post with this:

When you think about it we are one big blended family and once we learn to appreciate and love all our differences and unite as one, no one will ever have to feel lonely again.


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