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-Adobea CJ

The written reflections, communications, relations and connections of a being. 
“Do you think awareness exists beyond the mind?”

Yellow Planetary Seed

The seed was always the most beautiful flower The seed was always the majestic tree bearing fruit Those with patient, trusting and nurturing awareness Will …

The Quality Of Life

I've been very focused on our perception of life and how it influences our experience of it. Feel free to check out …

We Are The Music

If we are all frequencies of vibration, energy, then we are all music. The harmony of the ups and downs that create vibrations. It …

Den Indre Styrken

De ytre lag man bygger oppover og utover kan forsvinne i løpet av noen sekunder. Spør byggmesteren etter en orkan Et vulkan utbrudd, hvor mye …


Photographer Stian Mauricio

Photographer Stian Mauricio Foss

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